NASCO:Using google apps and wikis for collaboration and transparency

From Cultivate.Coop

When and where to use these tools

  1. Multiple people need to work on same file
  2. Cross-platform compatibility
  3. File posting
  4. Frequent updates
  5. Automatic backups

Good Examples

  1. Lots of cross reference
  2. Mostly text
  3. Comparable to 3-ring binder of documents
  • [1] - Policy documentation
  1. Lots of cross references
  2. Mostly text
  3. Comparable to a users's manual
  • [2] - Meeting agendas
  1. Lots of links
  2. Mostly text
  3. Comparable to a user's manual
  • [3] - Job postings
  1. Frequently Updated Information
  2. Mostly text
  3. Comparable to posting flyers on a bulletin board

Bad Examples Health Worker documents

  1. All info in PDFs and Docs - hard to access
  2. Front page lacks introductory description
  3. Comparable to a file cabinet Online magazine

  1. Limited ability to customize layout
  2. Not updated enough to stay interesting - blog format would work better. 

Using MediaWiki

  1. What is it?
  2. How to install (hosted vs on own server)
  3. Demonstrate how to edit
  4. Permission settings
  5. Hands on time

Using GoogleSites

  1. Sharing model
  2. File posting
  3. Widget embedding

Using GoogleDocs

Sharing model

  1. PDF exporting

How to Train Users

  1. Everyone needs to be trained
  2. One-on-one sitdown with each member
  3. Setting up a bio page is a good training exercise

Advantages of each system

  • Google Docs
  1. More formatting options
  2. Printable
  3. More access control
  • Google Sites
  1. Widget embedding
  2. More access control
  • Wiki
  1. Easy to link and integrate pages
  2. Open source