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The resources in this category are meant to:

  1. Help individuals or small groups learn co-op knowledge and skills.
  2. Help cooperators, cooperative allies, educators, students, community organizers, and more teach others about co-op theory and practice. These may range anywhere from handouts to workshops, lesson plans, activities, discussion questions, curricula, facilitation techniques, and more.

Spotlighted Resources

Teaching About Cooperatives

  • Introducing Co-op Subjects (Group Activity and Discussion) This is interactive, engaging activity can be used to create a common experience between newly formed groups. It also allows them to begin talking about their subjects – whether they be cooperatives in general, teaching co-ops, community economic development, etc. In addition, this activity allows groups to establish what they know when begin working on a subject, teach each other (a key cooperative education technique), and begin to feel comfortable discussing topics with one another. Finally, by returning to this activity periodically, groups can visually track what they are learning and how their understanding of the topic at hand has evolved over time.
  • Reaching Consensus in Group Problem Solving (Workshop) People generally know how to solve problems. What they have difficulty with is the give and take involved in agreeing with a group of other people with differing opinions about the outcome of each step of the problem solving process. This workshop is meant to help individuals - from the same co-op or different co-ops - learn how to use consensus decision making when solving problems in their cooperative.

Learning About Cooperatives

  • Self Assessment Tool for Start Up Cooperatives This resource can be used to help start up or emerging cooperatives understand what they know and have accomplished thus far, and what they still need to determine or complete before founding their cooperative. This tool can be used independently by groups and/or individuals, but it is best to use it in consultation with someone who is knowledgeable on co-ops (a cooperative developer, a business consultant, another cooperator, etc.)
  • Case Studies: Cooperative Mission Statements A cooperative’s mission statement is a short, written declaration that describes the co-op’s functions and whom it serves (workers, customers, communities, and/or more). This statement influences the actions of the organization, defines its purposes and main goals, and details the direction of the co-op’s business. When a co-op is setting long or short-term goals, making objectives for the next 1 or 20 years, they refer to the standards set by their mission statement.