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Cultivate.Coop is an online hub for sharing knowledge and resources on cooperatives, as well as a space to practice cooperation and build educational tools for the co-op community.

About Cultivate.Coop

Longer Description

Cultivate.Coop is a new, innovative tool by and for the cooperative community. It is an online and interactive hub for developing knowledge on cooperatives and skills in cooperation. With Cultivate.Coop, cooperators and cooperative allies can pool their knowledge to collaboratively increase the amount of information on co-ops freely accessible to all people, as well as build useful and effective educational resources for the cooperative community. In fact, using this website is an act of cooperation in itself, as people develop and expand it based on their own experiences and insight for everyone's gain.

Teaching and educating are people’s most important enterprises…

It has been said that cooperativism is an economic movement that uses the methods of education. This definition can also be modified to affirm that cooperativism is an educational movement that uses the methods of economics.

-Don José María Arizmendiarrieta Madariaga

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some of the most common questions we’ve been getting about Cultivate.Coop since we announced the project a couple of weeks back. We’ll be adding more questions as we get them. In addition, when the site is launched, we’ll host these FAQs there. Is your question not listed below? Feel free to shoot us a message at!

Is Cultivate.Coop free to use?

Absolutely. (And it always will be).

Who is Cultivate.Coop affiliated with?

Cultivate.Coop is being developed, implemented, and managed by The Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA), an emerging worker cooperative. The Cooperative Development Institute is acting as Cultivate.Coop’s non-profit fiscal sponsor, so that it may operate as a completely free resource. Finally, Cultivate.Coop has a slowly growing Advisory Board, which is currently comprised of: two members of the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO), the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI), a worker-owner from Ronin Tech Collective, and TESA. In addition, Cultivate.Coop has a “working” relationship with a number of cooperators in a number of other co-op sectors, including worker and grocer.

Where does Cultivate.Coop get its funding?

So far, Cultivate.Coop has been fueled by private donations as well as a small grant. However, we are developing a more sustainable revenue model that will allow Cultivate.Coop to remain completely not-for-profit and freely accessible for all. This will include small, non-obtrusive advertisements on the left hand side of the website. These advertisements will only be from/for cooperative products, services, organizations, and programs.

What type of licensing will content and resources on Cultivate.Coop be under?

When a new page is created on Cultivate.Coop, the page will be listed with a “stock” Creative Commons license (Attribution-Share Alike). However, if you are the owner of a particular educational resource or other specific material (such as code for software), you may choose an alternative Creative Commons, GPL, or a copy-left license when contributing your materials by e-mailing CultivateCoop AT gmail DOT com with your preferred license. (MIT license may also be a possibility in the near future).

What if I think you should be doing something differently?

Write to us and let us know! (Email: We are taking constructive criticism, feedback, and other advice from the cooperative community very seriously and working them into Cultivate.Coop where applicable. Once the site is launched, we’ll also be hosting discussions in the site’s community portal about ways to improve and advance the website so that it can better serve co-ops, cooperators, and other interested parties.

What is Cultivate.Coop’s story? Where did it come from?

Coming soon! Check back shortly.