Data Commons Code Sprint

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This is an organizing page for code sprints related to the Data Commons Project/Cooperative.

June 16, 2012 Sprint

Ben M.:

  • my big next task is listings, and cleaning up the home page design implementation (particularly the carousel, etc)


  • Priorities for me are to help with the clean-up, make the map bubbles a little less goofy, and improve crediting of data sources both in searches and individual org/person pages.

Paul's task pool/swamp (higher priority at top):

  • Continue to converge look towards Ben M's mock-ups.
  • Give clearer credit/links to upstream data sources for listings.
  • Make map bubble less obnoxious on busy maps. It pops up too much. From Micha Josephy re coop maine map: "There are so any stars that I can't move my mouse over the map at all without a pop-up window taking up space with a name of a co-op and staying there until I browse over another star. I'd find it easier to use if the box only stayed while the curser was over the particular star."
  • Add "Not Specified" tag to filter lists so that organizations without tags can be searched for (and counts are more intuitive).
  • Implement Ethan's suggestions for easing batch-tagging (open org homepage links in separate window; have next/prev button for moving through entries). 
  • Clean up tagging, and remove no-longer-needed synonym functionality from legalstructure/sector/orgtype classes.
  • Bring back drop-down box style instead of autocompletion when appropriate (see e.g. and
  • Improve pdfs, csvs.
  • Freshen importing and merging from data-sharing orgs.
  • Do something sensible about linking an organization entry like USFWC with a "member organization" like USFWC with a data-sharing org / team like USFWC.

April 21st, 2012 Sprint

February 25th, 2012 Sprint

Sprint document:

Stuff committed:

  • Location validation bug verified as fixed - paul
  • Added search field + add org link to org pages - paul
  • Add donation button - paul
  • Add addtoany share button - paul
  • fixed update/delete notification - benjamin b
  • fixed duplicate orgtype error - benjamin b
  • fixed “is admin” checkbox on user edit screen - benjamin b
  • got search query working in mobile app prototype - benjamin b
  • implemented basic KML support for search results - benjamin b
  • (please add)

Other stuff done:

  • Prototype android app - benjamin b
  • Typography, search box mockup - ben m
  • Redraft of front page copy - joe
  • Full test installation of site on a virtual machine - joe
  • (please add)


(source: Benjamin's email on directorytech)

  1. small bug fixes
  2. visual redesign
  3. mobile app (because it's fun)

(source: Joe's email on directorytech).

Page template

  • Place search field on every page, including entries; let users search again without returning to the home page
  • (Search field is now on entries page; not yet everywhere)
  • Place "add an organization" link on all pages, including entries
  • (Link is now on entries page - to far right of search field - could be made more prominent)
  • Place a "donate" button on every page - donate to tech development, like those "buy me coffee" buttons
  • (Donate button is on front page; not yet everywhere)
  • Create a region where organizational advertising could later be located, if it is pursued, perhaps a sidebar

Organizational entries

  • Add a social network "share" button like Addtoany on every entry page
  • (Done)
  • Add "contact this organization" email form if email field is filled out

Search interface

  • Advanced search options need to include Canadian province options
  • put map at the top of the search results page, rather than having people go to a separate page
  • allow for resorting of results, alpha by name, by city, (by most popular?)
  • Create an additive/subtractive checkbox search interface, so that people may check or uncheck groups of categories as if they were layers (for instance, uncheck "credit unions" if they are dominating and clouding results)

Front page

  • Feature selected search results on the front page, rather than query examples For instance 3 maps that show very interesting or robust results, that can be replaced once in a while with others. Ask users to suggest searches to feature on the front page.
  • Demote "recent activity" in favor of something that really promotes the strength of tool. Recent activity is interesting, but it does not showcase or Illustrate the use cases we are hoping users to engage in: geography-, sector- and industry-specific networking, for instance.

(source: Joe's email on directorytech).

  1. Put a donation button on all pages of Paypal code can be gleaned from here.
  2. Offer advertising space. Even if we do not have the specifics down, if the site redesign could include a region (maybe a sidebar) for locating ad space in the future, that would be helpful.

User outcomes flow chart

(source: Joe's email on directorytech). Find coop map draft 2011 09 06.png


This should not be considered the target design but meant get a few ideas across visually:

  • make a robust search tool part of every page, not just the front
  • highlight featured search results, rather than search queries
  • have some curated content on the front page
  • feature the Data Commons members on the front page

(source: Joe's email on directorytech). Find coop wireframe draft 2011 09 06.png

Results wireframe.png


Here's a mockup of the home page, with a carousel for 3-5 featured searches.


Home page mockup with advance search turned on


Search results page with a default map