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I have written previously regarding how women are treated inside Islamic world, برنامج طموح [link webpage] and also in Saudi Arabia. However, the subject has come up recently in the report from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, purporting which a Saudi judge gave his blessings for males to slap his wife if she spends money wastefully. Such declarations coming from a Saudi judge have a large amount of weight and are generally respected with the Saudi men.

bahrain.bhBy the way, this judge didn't claim that when the husband الضمان الاجتماعي ( spends the money in this way that this wife has additionally the right to slap him. Home to the most important mosque on the planet - Masjid al-Haram, town is really a blessed sight. Also called the Grand Mosque, the Masjid al-Haram houses the scared shrine called the Ka'aba. What may resemble a black cube to people that are unfamiliar with Islam, will be the center point along with the direction in which all Muslims around the world face to pray.

You must have a valid Saudi license they are driving within the kingdom. Note that in the event you own an automobile, you'd be given two documents. One is the vehicle registration, often known as 'Istemara' and the other will be your car ownership document. Both are small cards that you would be wise to maintain your possession. Apart from this, additionally you should carry the insurance coverage card on your car. I would counsel you to help keep a photocopy of these documents inside the dashboard of one's car instead of the originals.

In the unfortunate event of one's car being involved in an accident or perhaps a fire, you would be getting the originals with you. "Saudi Arabia moved swiftly to extinguish a budding protest movement of ladies claiming the authority to drive, a campaign inspired by uprisings over the Arab world demanding new freedoms. Ms. Sharif was arrested after two much-publicized drives yesterday to focus on the Facebook and Twitter campaigns organized to encourage women across Saudi Arabia to collectively protest." In the meantime, we can easily only feel pain and sorrow of those women's dismal plights and injustices.

I sincerely hope that more women during these countries where injustices are practiced are sustained by other women from the Free World to demand their legitimate equality rights with men to enable them to achieve their God-given potential.