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After reading business in a University in Cambridge, England, Adrian Ashton worked with one of the top 100 PR consultancies in the UK before taking on various management roles within a wide variety of social enterprises, community organisations and more ‘traditional’ enterprise support bodies.

These experiences enabled him to ‘turn around’ an ailing specialist co-operative and social enterprise support agency into a nationally recognised body and gained him recognition as an authority on social enterprises from local, regional and national organisations including the UK Government and Bank of England.

He has used this position, along with his knowledge of the changing environment and policy context in which social enterprises operate, to deliver support to local groups and national projects to high acclaim. This appreciation has been not only from the direct individuals and communities his work has impacted upon, but others, including support agencies and international governments. It has also led to his being invited to be an occasional writer for national and regional publications.

His website, [1] contains links to presentations on co-ops available through slideshare [2] and published articles and papers via scribd [3].