Membership Rights and Responsibilities in Worker Cooperatives

From Cultivate.Coop

I wonder if there is a better term than "rights" and "responsibilities"? I get that this verbiage comes from the larger labor movement and would be familiar to people, but I also question some of the items listed as "rights" which to me means an inalienable aspect of membership. In other words a cooperative that lacks these membership rights is failing--but some of these "rights" such as access to health-care, vacation, and even education are market-driven and not necessarily going to be affordable for all cooperatives. Further the membership may place different values on some of these items such as preferring to have a higher take home pay instead of benefits (this allows the individual members then to determine which benefits they want based on their individual needs).

I also wonder about the "right to refuse to carry out work that they find morally objectionable." Likewise, the responsibility to not discriminate based on protected characteristics is better thought as working within the stated laws of the Federal, State and Local governments. The list of protected characteristics will be different for each jurisdiction and changes over time (often through the expansion of protected characteristics and activities).

That stated, this document seems to be creating a list of things that define a worker coop that may not be true for all worker coops in the United States. It presents them as given truth, when I would argue they are much more malleable and nuanced. For example, not all coops pass the loss on to individual members, but take it out of the unallocated reserves.