Recommending reading on cooperatives and democratic education for the Train-the-Trainers workshop

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Readings from the Train-the-Trainers for cooperative developers and educators (workshop facilitation guide)

Readings on cooperatives

Readings on Democratic Education and Participatory Facilitation

1. Democratic education in cooperative development
2. Hand, Head, and Heart techniques in cooperative education
3. Twelve Principles for Effective Adult Learning, Chapter 1 of Learning to Listen-Learning to Teach: the Power of Dialogue in Educating Adults by Jane Vella

4. The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Others - David Ellerman, from “Helping self-help: The fundamental conundrum of development assistance.” In his book Helping People Help Themselves Ellerman added a third Do, which summarizes all of the Do’s and Don’ts: Do Respect the Autonomy of the Doers. The following link is to an earlier paper, but the book is worth reading, too:

5. Introduction: Participatory Practices in Adult Education, pp. 1-12

6. Excerpts from School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL)’s manual (supplemental reading) :

  • Note that SOUL has a very particular political organizing approach. For our purposes, we feel that their pedagogical approach is useful to a more general audience and well presented. It looks like a lot of material, but there is a lot of space. Feel free to skip around.

7. Introduction: The Power in Our Hands - a curriculum on the history of work and workers in the United States. 8. Examine portions of these workshops to see sample popular education lesson plans. You DO NOT have to read all of these. We just want you to flip through and skim these exercises/workshop facilitation guides to see some sample popular education experiences.