How Grammar and Writing Tools Negatively Influences Writers

From Cultivate.Coop

Writing today is so much different than it was a few years ago. Now you may find a couple of professional tools that assist you in fixing minor to major issues in your content. It’s true that even a professional writer tends to make mistakes. However, it would be great if the writer himself identifies his own mistakes than something or somebody else pointing them out to him. If a writer is able to judge his content critically then he may claim to have the highest or the most proficient writing skills. Normally what people do is they alter the setting of Microsoft Word in which the software starts to identify every sort of minor mistakes, whether it’s a typo let alone grammatical loopholes.

Microsoft Word can tell you if you are using too may passive tenses, long sentences, and improper punctuation or language issues including misspellings too. Now think what is left. This means that a writer’s job is to only write the basic idea of the content or to do research and write down a 100% unique content no matter how many errors he is making. This is the reason why the internet is flooded with a huge percentage of writers. As these writers, do not know the real meaning of writing, they lack proper skills but still are earning huge bucks and all thanks to these tools and software. People go for counting on ghostwriter for hire and end up choosing a beginner who is ready to ruin their project.

There are tools like spin bots and article rewriters that can alter the change the synonyms thereby making your content plagiarism free. Such tools are influencing negatively to the content writing profession along with leaving negative impressions upon writers too with respective to pursuing writing.

Similarly, tools that check your grammar do make some serious issues with your content. It is not recommended to follow the changes blindly. The bots do not know what emotions you have infused in the content and in the attempt to blindly change the passive into the active; your content begins to lose the char and flow. You publish a content that neither connects with the reader nor creates minimal progress.

Therefore, look for issues yourself and try to fix them then to count on online tools. It’s good to seek help but does not be a tickler. Improve your areas of mistakes and overcome the issues to be a professional writer.