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Food For Thought Bookstorewas a cooperatively run bookstore in the center of downtown Amherst, MA. Created in 1976 it has served as a radical bookstore as well as providing space for talks. It served as an alternative place for students to buy some of their textbooks.

After Financial difficulties for a number of years, paid staff having to work volunteer hours, fundraising, and a renovating of space into a smaller more manageable space it closed in 2014.

Final Goodbye Message

Good peoples,

We are writing with hard news. Despite our best efforts, Food For Thought Books has had to close its doors. We can no longer keep the store open.

When our fundraiser this past December reached its goal we had high hopes of keeping the store running through our 38th year. We did everything we could think of to move the store into a sustainable direction. We slashed every expense down to its bare minimum. We diversified our stock and reduced prices on everything in the store. We consulted and collaborated with financial experts, community organizers, local university groups, and more.

Sales since we re-opened in our downsized space have been marginal at best. We at first hoped this had mostly to do with the bitterly cold winter and crossed our fingers that things would pick up come spring. Unfortunately, instead of picking up, they kept getting worse. We dropped our prices to below even Amazon, engaged in all manner of traditional and new media to get the word out, organized all manner of well-attended events - despite all this, sales just continued to drop.

We have now not been able to make rent or payroll for more than a month. Most of our valiant volunteer brigade have left for the summer. Neither of the two part-time workers left can afford any longer to work for free and have been forced to seek other employment due to financial hardship. We have consulted with legal counsel and have been advised to close the store and dissolve the business. This was a very difficult decision to make and we very much wish we didn't have to make it.

To everyone who bought books, who donated books, who donated funds large and small, who came to do a reading or an event, who stopped in to visit and offer kind words of support or advice - thank you so much.

Special shout out of immense gratitude and love for our Valiant Volunteer Brigade. We truly wouldn't have made it through the past years without their amazing and generous support.

Farewell, good peoples. We will miss you. Best of luck in all your endeavors.

Sincerely & always, Food For Thought Books Collective

Vision & Mission Statement

Food For Thought Books Collective stands in solidarity with all struggles for justice, peace and equality and allies itself with all peoples resisting violence and oppression. We believe in media as a means toward the realization of social justice and liberation. We seek to provide a space where voices, people and ideas silenced and ignored by the mainstream media are given room to be heard, to be seen, to be supported and to be realized. We see ourselves as a hub for radical and progressive exchange and aim to provide a physical space in the community that is grounded in liberation for all.