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Editing content on Cultivate.Coop may seem complex and difficult, but it's actually pretty simple and quick once you get the basics down! Read the basics of editing content and adding new pages on Cultivate.Coop below to get started.

If you are looking for a specific issue, use the table of contents directly below. You may also read the whole thing for a complete tutorial. If you are searching for a more in-depth guide, please see our general help page.

Each section below will also have its own very short tutorial video clip in the near future. Currently there are only three short tutorial video.

You Must Register an Account to Edit Cultivate.Coop

The first thing you need to do is register an account. In the right hand corner of Cultivate.Coop is a button that says "log in / create an account." Fill in the information and follow the quick steps to set up an account.

Editing Existing Pages

Go to the page whose information you wish to modify. Make sure you are logged in.

To the right of the orange "discussion" tab at the top right hand corner of the page you wish to modify will be a tab that says "edit." This will only show up if you are logged in.

In addition, if you want to focus on specific sections of the page you want to modify, each heading on the page will have an "edit" button next to it. You may click that if you want to focus on that section.

Here you will be able to modify the pages contents. Before you finish, you should click "show preview" to make sure everything is the way you intended it. When you're done, click "save changes."

Creating New Pages

Using the search bar

If you search for a page that doesn't exist (using the search box and “Go” button on the left of the page) then you will be provided with a link to create the new page. (This will only happen if you are signed in).

Using Wikilinks

Cultivate.Coop makes it very easy to link wiki pages using a standard approach (see Links). If you (or anyone else) create a link to an article that doesn't exist yet, the link will be coloured red, like this.

Clicking a red link will take you to the edit page for the new article. Simply type your text, click save and the new page will be created.

Once the page has been created, the link will change from red to blue (purple for pages you've visited) indicating that the article now exists.

'Important:' When you add a new page to Cultivate.Coop, make sure to label it as an article or educational resource. This will make it much easier for people to find your item. If you are adding an article, put the following text at the top of the page: [[category:articles]]. If you are adding a resource that will help folks teach about cooperatives, add the following text: [[category:teaching cooperatives]]. Finally, if you're adding a resource that will help people learn about cooperatives on their own and in groups, add the following text: [[category:learning cooperatives]]. This will automatically sort your page into the proper section of the website.

Video: This video is best viewed in full screen mode. If you cannot view it in full screen mode here, watch it at this link. {{#ev:youtube|VCAVvgaGGd8|745}}

Editing the Text

In a wiki, there are many ways to make the text clear, searchable and organized. To simply insert text is functional, but you have many different features you could easily add to make the article more like a wiki and less like a document.

Making text bold and/or italic

You can make text bold and italic by highlighting the text and then choosing the "I" or the "B" that is in the editing task bar.

Video: This video is best viewed in full screen mode. If you cannot view it in full screen mode here, watch it at this link. {{#ev:youtube|44U_i0wCFE8|745}}

Making headlines and sub-headlines

A headline in Cultivate.Coop looks like the "Editing the Text" further up this page. A sub-headline looks like the "Making headlines and sub-headlines" right above this line.

You can make a headline in Cultivate.Coop by using equal (=) signs. When you want to make a headline, put two equal signs ("=") on either side of the headline text. For instance:

==Sample Headline==

Make sure you close the "==" signs on either side, or else it will make the rest of the page a headline as well.

Any time you want to make a sub-headline of a headline, just add an extra equal sign (=) on either side. Like so:

===Sub-Headline Sample===

You can continue to add equal signs (=) on either side for an endless amount of sub-headlines.

Video: This video is best viewed in full screen mode. If you cannot view it in full screen mode here, watch it at this link. {{#ev:youtube|_-WpqpCz7qw|745}}

Making Internal and External Links

Internal Links

To link to another page that is on Cultivate.Coop, highlight the text that you want link to another page and click that "Ab" that is in the task bar. (This text must also be the name of the page you are linking to, see example below). This will add two brackets on either side of the text. You can also add these brackets yourself- like so:

Some cooperatives use [[consensus decision making]]. 

When the page is saved, that will look like the following: Some cooperatives use consensus decision making.

Note: This link will only work if the text is exactly the same (capital letters and all) of the page you are trying to link to. You will be able to tell if a link is working if it is blue. If it is red, it is not working. This may be because: 1) the page title does not exactly match the words you have bracketed (if this is the case, see "making redirects" below); or 2) the page does not exist yet. (In which case, you can create that page - tutorial on this at the top of this tutorial page).

External Links

If you want to link to a website outside of Cultivate.Coop, you may simply put the URL on the page. You MUST include the "http://" in the hyperlink for it to work. For instance:

If you want to make text on the page hyperlink to an outside website, highlight the text you want to have the hyperlink. Next, click on the button in the taskbar that has an image of Earth with a clipboard. Click on this link. It will put a bracket on either side of the text. BEFORE the words that you want to hyperlink, insert the url link. Make SURE this link has the http:// . For instance:

See the [ ICA's website] for more information.

That will look like the following:

See the ICA's website for more information.

Creating bullet points and number lists

Bullet points

It's very easy to create lists of bullet points in Cultivate.Coop. All you have to do is add asterisks (*) where you would want there to be bullet points. Like so:

*Cooperatives are great.
*I like cooperatives.
*We are talking about cooperatives.

This will look like the following:

  • Cooperatives are great.
  • I like cooperatives.
  • We are talking about cooperatives.

Number lists

You can make number lists in two ways on Cultivate.Coop. The first is just to insert the numbers yourself. If you want the numbers to auto-generate, especially if you and other people will be editing the list and adding onto it, just use the pound sign (#) wherever you would want the number to be. Like so:

#This is the first step to starting a co-op.
#Next you should do this.
#Now your co-op has started!

That will look like the following:

  1. This is the first step to starting a co-op.
  2. Next you should do this.
  3. Now your co-op has started!

Making References

You should always reference a claim you make in an article on Cultivate.Coop. You can reference a website link, a book, article, etc. Directly insert your reference after your claim. You can do so by clicking the "ref /ref" button in the task bar (this is the very last button).

This will make the following appear:

<ref>"Insert footnote text here"</ref>

Insert your reference inside of this text. Like so:

<ref>Adams, Frank T., and Gary B. Hansen. Putting Democracy to Work: a Practical Guide for Starting and Managing Worker-owned Businesses. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, 1992. Print.</ref>



A footnote number will appear next to your claim and your reference will be inserted at the bottom of the page.

Be sure to check the bottom of the page to make sure that your reference appears there. If the page is reporting a problem in large red letters, it is because you need to add the following code to the VERY bottom of the page:


Making Stub Notices

If a page does not have enough information on it, simply add the following to the very top of the page:


That will cause the following notice to occur:

This article is a stub. Please help Cultivate.Coop by expanding it.
NEW! Cultivate.Coop is now just as easy to edit as Word and Google docs. Simply log-in, click “edit” on an article or resource page, and start contributing! See our explanation here.

This will call people's attention to the fact that the page is underdeveloped and needs to be expanded.

Making Redirects

If you want to link to another page on Cultivate.Coop but the text you're using as a link is not exactly the same as the title of the page you're link to (capital letters and all), then it may produce a red link (which indicates that the page does not exist yet) and will not take people to page that "does not exist." If this is the case, you will need to create a "redirect" - which will automatically take people to the page you want. For instance, if you creating a link on a page for "worker co-ops," this will not work because the title of the article is actually "Worker Cooperatives." Therefore, you will need to create a redirect on the "worker co-ops" page that takes people to the "Worker Cooperatives" article (if someone has not done this already).

This is very easy. Click on the red link you've just created. This will prompt you to create a new page. In this page, click the "#R" button that is in the editing toolbar. This will cause the following to appear:

#REDIRECT [[Target page name]]

Put the exact title (capital letters and all) of the page you want to link to inside of these brackets. Like so:

#REDIRECT [[Worker Cooperatives]]

This will turn the link blue and when someone clicks on the link it will automatically take them to the correct page.

Adding Multimedia

Coming soon.