Cooperative Education Network

From Cultivate.Coop

With a mismatch of educational approaches across the cooperative landscape, we need to figure out standards, what's working, what's not, and how we can educate the most people in the shortest possible time.

The Cooperative Education Network was convened to address these needs. It was created and is maintained by the Association of Cooperative Educators, Grassroots Economic Organizing, and the Toolbox for Education and Social Action.

The CHS Foundation has funded a one-year planning project to achieve three objectives:

  • Establish a Cooperative Education Hub to connect existing online co-op education libraries and other online resources, as well as create a place for continued collection of new resources and materials.
  • Develop an Online Community with live-streaming capacity that can host video/audio lectures, webinars, discussion forums, conversations, and other kinds of productions, as well as facilitate joint production of materials
  • Build a strong Cooperative Educator and Practitioner Network of organizations and individuals who have an ongoing interest in cooperative education and already create curricula and education materials.

The pilot phase of the Cooperative Education Network is ongoing through December, 2016. To participate in the member, please begin by completing our survey about your role in co-op education.