From Cultivate.Coop

Cultivate.Coop is implementing a sustianable revenue model beyond relying only on grants and donations in order to remain completely not-for-profit and freely accessible for all. This includes small, non-obtrusive advertisements on the left hand side of the website. These advertisements will only be from/for cooperative products, services, organizations, and programs.

If people click on your ad, it will take them to the web page of your choosing. Folks that visit Cultivate.Coop are sure to be invested in cooperatives and cooperative organizations, as well as their products, programs, and other offerings. Therefore, Cultivate.Coop is a fantastic place to target cooperators and cooperative enthusiasts that will respond enthusiastically to your product, program, organization, mission, and more.

Through December 2010 to January 2011, advertising on Cultivate.Coop will be completely free. Please send us an email at CultivateCoop AT gmail DOT com if you are interested in having a free cooperative advertisement on Cultivate.Coop.