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  1. Worcester Co-op Academy 2018 New Format and new curriculum
  2. Political Education / Anti-Oppression Module
  3. 2018 Additions

Worcester Co-op Academy 2013 Curriculum By Subject

Concept to Co-op: Worcester Roots Project, Boston Center for Community Ownership, Access Consulting and Cooperative Development Institute have organized a Fall 2013 Co-op Academy, here's the curriculum!

Co-op 101 / intro to development process

  1. Co-op 101 for Co-op Academy.ppt
  2. Introduction to Cooperatives.pdf
  3. BCCO Checklist for Starting a Cooperative
  4. Recommended Resources
  5. Additional Reading and Resources

Working Together

  1. Values, Vision, Mission, Goals, and Strategies
  2. Values Worksheet
  3. Vision Worksheet
  4. Mission Worksheet
  5. Goals and Objectives Worksheet
  6. Strategies Worksheet
  7. Options for Decision Making
  8. Who is Robert (of Robert's Rules)
  9. Horizontality vs Hierarchy Chart
  10. Decision Making Worksheet
  11. Steps in the Ethical Decision-Making Process
  12. Consensus Process and Facilitation
  13. Facilitation Techniques and More on Consensus
  14. Possible Decision Making Paths in Consensus
  15. Conflict Resolution
  16. Conflict Resolution resources from AORTA
  17. Conflict and Communication Worksheet
  18. Sample Conflict Resolution Policy
  19. Unions and Co-ops
  20. Union Co-ops Handout
  21. Leadership Worksheet - Part 1 - Leadership We Like
  22. Leadership Worksheet - Part 2 - Leadership Qualities

Products & Markets

  1. Intro to Products and Markets
  2. Our Product Worksheet
  3. Our Customer Worksheet
  4. Market Research Worksheet
  5. Supply Chain Graphic
  6. Facilitator's copy of Market Research Exercise
  7. Market Research Worksheet: Potential Customers and Competitors
  8. Basis of Competition
  9. Our Message Worksheet
  10. Branding Worksheet
  11. Marketing Planning: New Customers Worksheet
  12. Marketing Planning: Repeat Customers Worksheet
  13. Marketing Planning: Damage Control Activity
  14. Marketing Planning Worksheets (excel document)
  15. Demonstrating Demand for your Product
  16. Marketing Plan: Where the Customers Look
  17. Marketing Without Advertising
  18. Sample Marketing Plan
  19. Blank Marketing Plan
  20. Sales Flow Chart
  21. The Sales Funnel (editable .doc)
  22. The Sales Funnel (non-editable .pdf)
  23. Feasibility Analysis Resources
  24. Feasibility Studies Overview (PDF)


  1. Introduction to Financial Statements
  2. Financial Definitions
  3. Investment vs Expenses
  4. Income and Cost of Goods Worksheet
  5. Fixed Assets and Depreciation Worksheet
  6. Overhead Expenses & Break Even Point Worksheet (excel doc)
  7. (editable .xlsx)
  8. Lemonade Stand Financials Sheet 1 (non-editable .pdf)
  9. Lemonade Stand Financials Sheet 2 (non-editable .pdf)
  10. Lemonade Stand Financials Sheet 3 (non-editable .pdf)
  11. Lemonade Stand Financials Sheet 4 (non-editable .pdf)
  12. Constructing the Financials

Covering our Assets

  1. What Can Go Wrong
  2. Licensing Worksheet
  3. Types of Insurance
  4. Insurance Activity
  5. Business Taxes Handout
  6. Insurance Quotes Worksheet
  7. Year End Accounting Handout
  8. Practicing Good Governance

Making Membership Meaningful

  1. Rights and Responsibilities of Co-op Membership
  2. Documents that Define your Co-op
  3. Internal Capital Accounts
  4. Tax Structures
  5. Choice of Legal Entity

Personal Finance

  1. Your Finances and the Co-op Worksheet

Doing Business

  1. Business Systems
  2. Business Systems Exercise
  3. Job Tasks Worksheet
  4. Job Descriptions Worksheet
  5. 10 Common Mistakes in Co-op Bookkeeping

Company Policies

  1. Accountability Structures
  2. Grievance Procedures
  3. Member / Employee Evaluations
  4. Hiring
  5. 28 Questions to consider before meeting with a lawyer
  6. Avoiding Discrimination
  7. Anti-Oppression in the workplace
  8. Basic Health and Safety Worker RIghts Fact Sheet
  9. Worker Health and Safety Survey

Greening the Co-op

  1. Greening the Co-op

Youth in Co-ops

  1. Questions about youth cooperatives: Challenges, issues, what we don’t know but want to find out
  2. Teen Workplace Violence

The Business Plan

  1. Writing the Business Plan
  2. Formatted business plan worksheet (editable .doc)
  3. Formatted business plan worksheet (best formatting, not editable)

Working with Non-Profits

  1. Dangers and Benefits of Co-op and Nonprofit Collaboration

Raising Capital

  1. Resources for Raising Capital for Worker Cooperatives
  2. Raising Capital for Co-ops