Foundations and Grantors for Co-op Development

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Foundations Supporting Co-op Education and Development

While co-ops are a business primarily financed through member equity and often debt, there is a small number of private foundations that support the development of a co-op. Note, frequently this may require the co-op to be umbrellaed under an existing 501(c)3 organization.

  • Cooperative Development Foundation: "CDF is a charitable foundation that raises funds to provide community developers with the hardest money to get- the first dollar in."
  • Ralph K. Morris Foundation: "The Ralph K. Morris Cooperative Leadership Fund has been established by the Ralph K. Morris Foundation to support the development of future cooperative leaders."
  • The Blooming Prairie Foundation: "...the Foundation works to promote greater awareness and availability of organic and natural products and cooperative development..."
  • The Cooperative Foundation: "The Cooperative Foundation is a steadfast supporter of cooperative development, research, and education"
  • CHS Foundation: "CHS Foundation is the major giving entity for CHS Inc" and " committed to investing in the future of rural America, agriculture and cooperative business through education and leadership development.
  • WedgeShare: "...a charitable giving program based on Cooperative principle #7..."

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