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I really like toys but am yet to knit any of Susan, B. Andersons. I have two of Susan's toy books, Spud and Chloe on the Farm and Itty Bitty Toys. I've only ever finished one thing from the second ebook, I tried making Spud from the Farm e-book however was having points with my yarn being too thin. I really enjoy her toy books, and fully agree about how nice her explanations are! I do enjoy making little stuffies for my friends' children' birthdays. I have some of her patterns queued but I do not assume I've made any of them yet. This is able to by no means occur to me to take on with no cute inspirational video-- future child showers beware. I really like her toys, I made one and it came out adorable. She is very artistic. I can not imagine how she will suppose a pattern like that and make it occur. I might like to try out this ebook!

Can't you simply see how candy and snuggly she is? Ackkkk. She is so good. I love her skirt, too. Here is the Craftsy class vest I'm making! Can you consider all of those? There have been much more! I also received to satisfy the lovely Bristol Ivy (one other instructor) and she was sweet and her students simply loved her. I heard nice things about Bristol all weekend. Me still in my travel clothes from the day earlier than with duffysmum (rav id) in my first class. This is her knit elephant from my sample in an older Knit Easy Vacation challenge, possibly 2008 or 2009. It was adorable and properly-loved. All the time good to see. Laurago (rav id) was fun and friendly! I had so much fun together with her. I am sorry to say I am blanking on names however the great girl on the left is from Colorado. I met her in my Truthful Isle hat class on the Loopy Ewe last spring. She is a lot fun!

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