List of Worker Cooperatives in the United States

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This is a list of worker cooperatives in the United States, organized in alphabetical order by state.


Using this page

The number in parentheses next to a state is the number of worker cooperatives listed in that state. Click on the plus sign next to the state in order to expand the list and display the cooperatives in that state. You can then click on a specific cooperative to be taken to that individual cooperative's page. Alternatively, you can click on the name of a state to be taken to that state's page, which will also display all the worker cooperatives in that state in a slightly different format.

Below the list of states is a list of all worker cooperatives in the United States organized by alphabetical order regardless of their state.

Individual cooperatives may have their own pages, which you may contribute to. To add new a cooperative to this list, follow these instructions:

  • Type the name of the cooperative in the search box to the left and click "Go".
  • You will be presented with a link to create the page you searched for. Make sure that what you searched for is the exact title that you want for the page. Click create new page.
  • Type in the information you want to include on that cooperative's page.
  • We have created a way to quickly and automatically categorize cooperative pages. At the top of the page you can type {{coop | state = ___ | type = ___}} where after state you put the name of the state the cooperative is in and after type you put either "food" or "worker" (without quotes) depending on whether it is a food or worker cooperative. For example, {{coop | state = Kansas | type = worker}} (This is important! This step makes sure that the cooperative you've added shows up on all of the relevant lists)
  • Note that you must be logged in with an account to create new pages (or editing existing pages).


Here is a partial map of worker cooperatives in the United States. [1] Click on the blue blips for more information. You can also zoom in and out for closer looks. (It may take a minute or two to load).

List organized by State


  1. This map thanks to:
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