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According to a well known American ophthalmologist, Dr William H.D. Bates M.D., poor eyesight iGenics is the result of bad visual habits developed during our lives, which put too much strain on the eye itself, as well as affecting the balance of our optical muscles which control the way our eyes focus. Weak or over-developed optical muscles are responsible for many common eye problems such as myopia (near sightedness) or hypermetropy (far-sightedness). Learning how to relax strained eyes and avoiding straining our eyes in the first place, is the way to improve our eyesight naturally.

The Bates method was developed in the beginning of the 20th century and was considered very effective in helping school children improve their learning and concentration without straining their eyes, as well as improving the eyesight of a large number of patients. You only need 15-20 minutes per day to relax your eyes, learn how to break your bad visual habits and start improving your eyesight immediately. You can practise your eye exercises practically anywhere, you just need to find a quiet place to relax your mind and eyes, which could even be your desk, or car.

Our eyes are an integral part of our body. It enables us to see the world in full color. We constantly work, play, read, and enjoy life with our eyes. Without it, we live in darkness. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take good care of it to make sure that it remains healthy. We can keep our eyes healthy and preserve our vision if we submit ourselves to routine eye exams with the help of an Austin Optometrist. Routine eye exams are conducted by a doctor of optometry to detect eye diseases, conditions, vision problems, and systemic health problems before we become aware of its effects and existence. It is very important that we undergo routine eye exams no matter how old and how healthy we are.