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Fad diets (and many that have been around longer than fads) often fail to tell Carb Blocker you of the importance of adding muscle to your body while burning fat. Why does this matter? Actually, if you do not lose weight to gain muscle, you can find that your health is even further compromised. You'll discover that, while you might be able to melt pounds of quickly, your body does not resemble the slim, trim creation that you had wanted. This is because muscle should be the underpinning of your entire body. If you lose weight but do not add any muscle, then you lack this underpinning. Sagging skin is just the start of the problems here. You might even find that losing fat without adding muscle harms your health tremendously.

How do you go about losing weight to gain muscle? First, you need to ensure that you have added the right workout regimen to your life. While diet is important, exercise is just as important. Without both elements present, you will not be able to achieve lasting results. Most people who lose weight but do not gain muscle see their weight rebound in a very short time. It is also very important that you realize that such a plan should be part of a life change, rather than a temporary means of shedding unwanted pounds. Changing your life to include a healthier diet and a better fitness routine is the only way to ensure that you receive lasting benefits.

Have you reached that age when it becomes harder to lose weight? Has your weight yo-yoed for years, or do you just want to maintain your ideal shape for life? Whether you are very overweight, or just overweight, none of us started this way, most of us become like this through years of unbalanced eating, so now it's time to do things differently as let's face it everything we have tried in the past has not worked, at least not in the long run. Those of us who are over 40 and want to lose weight aren't usually after a short term solution; we want to stay slim for years to come in order to be healthier and fitter and let's face it... to look nicer and younger; In order to lose weight when we're over 40 and stay slim and healthy, we need to change the way we eat and the way we think.