Austin Polytechnical Academy

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{{#evp:youtube|RTtLrzEZnf0|Austin Polytechnical Academy's Tech Tigers Host a Robotics Workshop|right|400}} In the neighborhood of Austin, one of Chicago’s poorest areas, the Austin Polytechnical Academy serves primarily African American youth and was modeled after Mondragon’s polytechnic college. Since the opening of its doors in 2007, this school has rapidly become one of the city’s most successful and innovative high schools. In September of 2009, representatives from the school’s community made a four day trip to Spain to directly witness the Mondragon experience.

According to Austin Polytechnical Academy's website:

Located on Chicago's West Side, Austin Polytechnical Academy (APA) is a college and career prep high school with a focus on manufacturing and engineering. Our students learn real world skills to help them succeed in college, careers, and life. [...]

Austin Polytech was founded by the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council in 2007 to educate the next generation of leaders in advanced manufacturing. Students learn about careers in all aspects of the industry, from skilled production and engineering to management and company ownership -- plus related sectors like intellectual property law.

We work with over 60 committed industry partners to provide students with mentoring, field trips, work experience, and other enrichment opportunities. Find out how you can help us educate the next generation of leaders![1]